Whether you are an Entrepreneur, a Blogger, an Artist, or a Service Provider, your brand and online presence are everything!  And as I'm sure you have heard (or experienced) many times over, the world of digital marketing is ever changing.  That's where I come in. Let me help you create and build your online presence, to bring brand awareness across multiple channels ... and in turn, attract new clients, customers, fans, readers and viewers!

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  • define visual brand identity (design style & mood)
  • select colour palette
  • select fonts
  • define image style
These are all aesthetics that will carry forward to all of your online platforms for a branded and cohesive look.
  • website, blog, eCom store, newsletters, social media and all online & print marketing material
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  • text-based logo design
  • custom branded graphics (text overlay, filters), using provided images and/or stock images
    • online marketing material design
      • social media, web, blog & newsletter graphics, and more
    • print marketing material design
      • product labels, business cards, banners, postcards, brochures, signage, and more​
  • stock image research and curation ​​​​​​​


  • username research and business page set up for facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, snapchat, tumblr
  • custom branded graphics (text overlay, filters) using provided images and/or stock images
  • stock image research & curation


  • a professionally designed newsletter(s) and/or newsletter template(s) using the platform
  • all wix hosting plans include an email marketing service that allows you to send up to three newsletters each month for free. premium plans are available if additional sends are required
  • newsletter formatting and scheduling
  • custom branded graphics (text overlay, filters) using provided images and/or stock images
  • stock image research & curation
  • wix mobile app integration (for iOS or android), which allows you to design and send newsletters from your mobile phone
  • all contacts acquired through the website (via sign up form, contact form, online sales and more) auto-populate into customizable contact/mailing lists that are fully accessible when sending newsletters
  • outside contacts can be imported into your wix contact list(s)


First and foremost, because I am a WIX PRO Web Designer with more than eight years experience creating custom designed websites within this platform! However, if you're looking for more .... Wix offers multiple hosting plans to suit your specific needs (and budget), whether it be a web design, a blog, an eCommerce store, or even a landing page. These plans also include an email marketing service for newsletters, as well as domain registration, in-house web hosting, and a custom email address ( ... keeping everything under one convenient roof! All Wix sites are mobile friendly and are created with a drag & drop editor, which allow for easy updates and reasonably priced maintenance packages. With an array of useful apps & features, and a very customizable design layout, I will work with you to create a uniquely branded and cohesive look, not only for your website, blog and/or eCom shop, but also for your newsletters, social media and marketing material! And your site can grow as your business does. You're not limited to one design, or one plan forever. If you need to upgrade your plan, or add extra pages and/or features, no problem! Furthermore, for those of you looking to keep more of your tasks under one roof, Wix also offers a very impressive business management system. It's no longer just a website builder. The Wix dashboard integrates a number of useful tools and services, allowing you (and your team) the convenience of managing much your business in one centralized location. Some of the elements that you will find in your dashboard are:

  • Database & Contact Manager -- anytime someone contacts you via your website (sign up, contact, purchase, etc) the contact info that they provide will auto-save to your Wix database
  • Wix Engage -- this is where you will manage all of your interactions. You can view all Wix based correspondence with your customers, and respond to them from here as well.
  • Automated Emails -- customized auto-responses that will go out anytime a site visitor performs a certain action (subscribe, contact, purchase, etc).
  • Wix Invoicing -- create, send, track, and manage invoices
  • Email Marketing -- send custom branded newsletters
  • Web Hosting -- multiple plans to suit your specific needs (and budget)
  • Domain Registration -- free for the first year with any premium hosting plan
  • Mailboxes -- a professional g-suite email address ( through



  • website, blog, and/or e-commerce design
  • coming soon page, landing page, and/or sales page design
  • redesign and/or referesh of your current wix website
  • migration and redesign from current platform, over to wix
  • mobile optimization / mobile friendly

  • apps: image galleries (animated & 3D options), social media integration, contact & sign-up forms with custom auto-response, online bookings, reservations & restaurant orders, interactive forum with members page, video and music streaming, events with google calendar sync, form builder, and many more
  • no plugins or updates required on any of the apps

  • live chat which integrates with wix mobile app
  • wix mobile app integration (for iOS or android), which allows you to do all of the following, directly from your mobile phone:
    • Receive notifications when when someone visits your site
    • Respond in real time to any site visitors and live chat inquiries
    • Receive notifications when a purchase is made via your eCommerce store
    • Receive notification when a booking is made via your online bookings app
    • Upload photos to Wix image library
    • Format and go live with (wix) blog posts
    • Design and send (wix) newsletters
    • and more

  • define visual brand identity (design style, color palette, font selection)
  • text-based logo design
  • custom branded graphics (text overlay, filters)
  • stock image research & curation​​​​​​

  • basic seo and Wix SEO Wiz setup
  • wix web hosting set up (multiple plan options)
  • domain name research & registration
  • custom email set up ( ​

  • video tutorial once site is complete
  • maintenance packages
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  • Instagram
  • Twitter

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