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Ibogawaken Web Design by AG Social Co

Awaken your spirit with the help of this sacred medicine, shamanic teachings, and a 7 day retreat with Ibogawaken.


  • custom wix website design

  • visual branding

  • basic SEO setup

  • text-based logo design


I do not provide maintenance for this client, so to view my original website design click here

Here is the Client's site;


I didn’t even know where to start in terms of a vision when I started working with Alison. She asked me questions on what it is I wanted. She walked me through the whole process with clear direction, prompt communication and has been very patient when I didn’t understand certain things - the tech world is not my forte. She provided me with tools such as videos if I didn’t understand what was asked of me. I asked for a simple and easy site to use and asked her to run with the creative side of it. Well she knocked it out of the park! She brought my dream to life, and I was emotional when I saw it all put together. I got everything I asked for and more. She really set me up for success with this site, paying mind and recommending things I didn’t even think about. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with her that I hired her to help with another site! Awesome job, thank you so much! --- Sherry L


Ibogawaken Logo Design by AG Social Co
Text-based Logo Design
Ibogawaken URL Social Share Graphic designed by AG Social Co
Social Media URL Share Graphic


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