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Dara Colwell (writer)

Dara Colwell web design by AG Social Co

Freelance journalist, writer, screenwriter


  • wix website blog, and portfolio design

  • visual branding

  • custom branded social share graphic

I do not provide maintenance for this client, so to view my original website design, click here


​If you want to contact Dara Colwell, subscribe to her mailing list, or book a consultation, please do so via her direct website at


"I started out creating my website with very little idea of how to do it. I’m a writer, so I just wanted to focus on the words and content! I approached Alison because I liked her eye for web design. She was direct in her communication, gave me a quick turnaround, was always on the ball, and made professional suggestions that made my site look and navigate better while being seo-friendly. I am grateful for her help and think that that her service was worth every penny. I really like my website and needed a professional to help me fine tune it!"

Dara Colwell - Social URL Share Graphic designed by AG Social Co
Social Media URL Share Graphic


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